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  International Workshop of Geomicrobiome: Subsurface Microbial Composition and Function and Microbial Interactions with Subsurface Environment, October 13-15, 2017, Wuhan, China.
Workshop Objectives
  The microbial abundance in subsurface environment is estimated to exceed 5×1029 cells. These abundant and diverse groups of microorganisms play crucial roles in a variety of biogeochemical processes, including global cycling of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, iron and arsenic. Thus, subsurface microbial activity impacts substantially on not only local environment, such as groundwater quality, but also climate, such as concentrations of greenhouse gasses. Despite their global significance, our current understanding of subsurface microorganisms is extremely limited. In fact, the diversity and functions of subsurface microorganisms are still referred to as “subsurface microbial dark matter” and remain to be discovered. Recently, researches on geomicrobiome, which is microbial composition and function in subsurface environment and interactions between subsurface microorganisms and their surroundings, have made substantial progress in revealing subsurface microbial dark matter and microbial interactions with subsurface environment. Geomicrobiome research will thus help develop predictive understandings of biogeochemical cycling of environmentally crucial elements, such as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, iron and arsenic, in subsurface.
  The objectives of this international workshop are to (1) promote interdisciplinary research on geomicrobiome, (2) facilitate international collaboration on geomicrobiome research, (3) review recent advance in understanding of geomicrobiome, (4) identify the key knowledge gaps of geomicrobiome research and (5) recommend a path forward to bridge the identified knowledge gaps.


Microbial composition and function       in subsurface
Interactions between microorgani-       sms and subsurface environment
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